Mr. Micah Kotch
Director, NY Prize & Strategic Advisor, Innovation
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)
1359 Broadway
NY, NY 10018

Mr. Kotch and NY Prize Team,

I am pleased to support the LO3 Energy Team’s proposal to develop a community microgrid in Gowanus and Park Slope in support of Governor Cuomo’s goal of creating local energy networks with the ability to separate from the larger electric grid during extreme weather events or other emergencies. I understand that Microgrids are local energy networks that are able to separate from the larger electric grid during extreme weather events or other emergencies, and provide power to the grid when needed. Microgrid technologies can combine distributed energy generation resources like solar, wind or combined heat and power generation with battery and thermal storage systems to provide reliable electricity generated in my community to power my community.

The Brooklyn Microgrid will create a local energy network with a focus on:

  • Working with community leaders, businesses, utilities and technology partners to identify best fit distributed energy resources and critical infrastructure upgrades for my community
  • Developing locally generated energy and storage systems that provide efficiency and resiliency for emergency needs of our community
  • Reducing customer energy costs and promoting clean electricity generation, energy efficiency and energy storage options within my community
  • Managing these distributed energy resources for times of power outages and emergencies to protect my community, business and the local economy
  • Identify and create new financial incentives and business models to encourage community involvement and jobs, boosting the local economy

As a member of the Gowanus & Park Slope community, I endorse the exploration of the feasibility of this project in support of the safety and economic growth of my community and the protection of our natural resources and environment.


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